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Not all women look or want to look the same way. Not all women have the same fitness goals. Whatever your goals are a customized program will motivate and encourage you.  Each training session is individualized and tailored to your needs,  and supoorting to reach your goals faster.

We all know how different men and women are, physically and mentally. Therefore it doesn't make any sense at all for men and women to workout according the same training philosophy or principles.  Our body is different,  the body mass composition is different, our muscles respond differently to the weight workouts and metabolism between men en womenis usually very different.

My trainingprogram is based on your needs, goals and on your body type.  There are 4 Woman Body Type and each type has its own special shape and more important it gives a signal of the type of metabolisme you have. So we can make the most effective training for you

Core Stability and Balance Training
Our core is the center from where our moves starts. You will experience increased muscle endurance,
increased joint and muscle range of motion, better balance and core function, stronger abs and a toned waist.  And if you suffer from (lower) back pain. It is proven that a strong core has  positive effect on your back.

Strenght Training Also known as resistance training which can be done with free weights, machines, bands or tubes and your own body weight.  It will toning, building and strengthening the muscles. Some of the benefits through strenght training are: enhanced strenght and functional capacity, increase metabolisme, reduce the risk of osteoporose and you will get a more toned appearance.

Sports Conditioning 
A none-boring cardio workout tailored on what you like to do. Choose your favorite workout. You want to do a step or dance workout., a challenging outdoor training or hit the punching bag?
It is your choice. Burn calories, work on your stamina and best of all - have fun.

The Wedding Workout You have found the perfect dress for that perfect day. The only thing you need is the perfect body? Bride & brides maids, get fit, look great and drop some inches. Depending on the timeline, motivation and fitness goals you have, this workout may begin as early as six months before the wedding and no later than three months.

The Wedding Workout comes in 4 programs:
12 months - 9 months - 6 months  and 3 months.

If its necessary with our 6 weeks wedding bootcamp we can still get you feel toned and fit.
Do not wait, check your calender and schedule your first Wedding Workout.

Mamma Workout
Training during your pregancy has proven to keeps you fit, controls your weight, prepares you
body to give birth and reduce the risk of  preeclampsia.  Our prenatal exercise incorporates
a mixture of gentle cardiovascular exercise, core stability routines  and light resistance training,
designed to reduce fatigue and stress, increase energy and improve  core stability and strength.

After the pregnancy we will help you to get back in shape with the the Post Natal Workout a.k.a
the Mummy Tummy workout.  Improve your overall fitness, strength and stamina and focus on
toning problem areas such as your abdonimals, thighs and bottom, as well as increasing your core stability.  Consult your doctor  before starting to workout. The Mamma Workout can also be booked as a group training.

Weight Loss Coaching
We all know that the key to permanent weight loss is boosting your metabolic rate and eating the right healthy food.
This program which will help to lose weight, educate you in healthy eating and will show you that exercising can be fun.  
I have worked with women from getting rid of those extra 5 kilos to losing 25 kilos or more and have experience with people who suffer from obesitas,
having a gastric bypass or gastric stapling.

You can plan your training at your home, the gym, in a private studio, we can even workout in a swimming pool or go outdoor (park, beach).

Personal Group Training
Workout with your friends (2-4 persons), in which case you can enjoy the added support of a buddy
as well as lower rates.  

If you want to tone up your muscle, lose bodyfat, increase your energy level and metabolism? If you love an outdoor workout and if you want to have fun too, Bootcamp is the workout for you.  
Location: westbroekpark, beach, dunes.

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